Dear Guest,

Facilitation is the process of making the way of conversation easier. What is a “conversation” and what do I mean by “easier?” Those are good questions.

I experience conversation around meaning, the sacred, and the derivative “most important questions about living life” to be fundamentally heuristic. Often, we speak of “seekers” and those that are on “quests” for truths. The vast majority of us go through the process of orientation and disorientation as we live.

In our time, despair, in its manifold expressions, is experienced at chronic and pandemic levels, for a litany of good reasons. The forms of inquiry and facilitation developing at the Onafloat project are intended to help people re-orient themselves in a shifting moral landscape as both the physical world and our ethical maps seemingly morph beyond recognition.

The aspiration of the Onafloat project is to develop maps and artifacts that can aid people in navigating the depths of their interior lives and the terrain of their interrelational existence.

Reflection on the river; Gwendlyn’s Road


“True peace is only found by those who learned to ride and swim with the strong current of this stream [a divine river]. For them, life becomes simple and easy. Every moment is rich in happiness. All events are intelligible, if not in their details at least in their relation to the great wholeness of life.”

Thomas Merton, New Seeds of Contemplation